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Ebony Beauty Uses Massage Machine to Her Advantage

Featured Video: An Orgasmic Massage

Network: Brazzers

Pornstars: Avery Jane & Van Wylde

Summary: The vibrations from the massage machine behind the curtain is too much on her pussy and nipples, so she takes it to the next level, with squirting! Avery and a friend go get massaged together by masseur Van. Avery is a tough critic when it comes to massages and isn’t pleased with Van’s technique at first, but Van turns this around with his secret weapon: a powerful massage gun that drives Avery wild. When Avery’s friend gets tired of her massage and goes to take an early shower, Avery and Van take the opportunity to fuck this ebony beauty.

MILF Next Door Rammed and Glazed

Featured Video: Who’s Really In Charge?

Network: MILFED (Family Sinners)- Porn Ad

Pornstars: Kit Mercer & Van Wylde

Summary: MILF next door thinks she is in control during outdoors fuck. Sexy step-mom get slammed in doggy before taking a huge load all over her face and nice tits. The needy step-mom Van Wylde (Kit Mercer) and Clark (Van Wylde) have an affair. In reality, Clark holds all the power. Ava likes to take the lead, but she is not the one in charge.

Bigtit Redhead Maid Takes Two Dicks

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Huge tit redhead maid is enticing his hard cock. She love to play sneaky sex games with her husband and boss, leading to a massive boob threesome. In order to clean her glass table, Abigail Morris is split-tits, bending over and scrubbing her ass. Watching, Van Wylde jerks off while ass up. Abigail walks away, and Van jumps up and cums on the table. While taking Van’s giant cock, Abigail pushes her big titties over the cum and tidies it her own way, too horny to be mad. Mick Blue, her husband, shows up at that moment. Mick’s dick is taken out in a hurry when Van hides and Abigail’s spread and wet pussy is all he can see. Abigail plays a kinky game with Mick involving a blindfold and dirty story time While she bones and bates him with tales of her fucking his friends, Van jump outs with his hard-on ready to help that fantasy become a reality.

Sneaky Anal Dinner Party

Featured Video: Sneaky Anal Soiree

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Pornstars: Emma Hix & Van Wylde

Summary: Sexy hostess seduces dinner party guest with an offer of some sneaky anal sex. He sticks his dick in her ass right in front of the dinner table guests! For dinner, blonde Emma Hix and her husband will host Van Wylde and his wife. She loves sneaking around and flashing her large, round tits and butt plug. Emma’s long legs and perfect body make Van shocked, but who can resist those long legs and perfect body? There is no shame between these two, and Van slides his hard dick into Emma’s tight asshole right there at the dinner table. Emma’s gorgeous ass and mouth are going to be filled with cum (even with her husband watching)!

Banging Down the Wall With Big Booty

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Thick babe pleases herself so loud it wakes up the neighbors, leading to a juicy big booty threesome. It’s not enough for Jenna Starr to rub herself on her pillow, so she grabs her trusty wand and suction dildo. Suctioning the dildo to the wall, she fucks herself hard, making a lot of noise. Julie Cash snuggles up with her boyfriend, Van Wylde, in the next room. She starts to stir as soon as she hears the moans coming from the other side of the wall. After the friction knocks her lamp over, Julie’s had enough and follows the moans into the next room. The dildo is ten inches deep when Jenna’s ass is caught up by her. She burst in and taught her a lesson with her mouth. Within no time, they’re scissoring so hard that they startle Van awake by shaking the wall. It doesn’t take Van long to get his dick out and investigate. When he discovers the duo doing it, he’s not mad, he’s excited! Van joins the double blonde threesome and everyone has a good time. What a life, this guy!