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Punishing Naughty Schoolgirls

Featured Video: Swap and Punishment

Network: TeamSkeet (Daughter Swap)- Porn Ad

Summary: Dads take turns punishing each other’s naughty schoolgirl daughters. After a good spanking, the dads teach them a lesson with their hard cocks. One morning, Alex Puller and Honey Hayes knock on Peter Green’s door and tell him Honey wants to go to school with Reyna Delacruz, her best friend. As soon as their stepdads leave, Honey starts eating Reyna out, proving the girls are much closer than they seem. Peter and Alex overhear them discussing sexual dreams they’ve had with their stepdads after school, and so they decide to release all their sexual tension by swapping their stepdaughters!

Hot Hijab Thief Get Punished

Featured Video: Quid Pro Cum

Network: TeamSkeet (Hijab Hookup)- Porn Ad

Pornstars: Violet Gems

Summary:  Hot hijab mad get caught stealing, and her boss punishes her with his cock. She won’t steal again after being frosted by his cum. Violet Gems, a Middle Eastern maid, snooped through her boss Peter Green’s drawers and found a good amount of money. She decided to steal some of it, but when Peter realized money was missing he confronted her about it. He threatened to send her to jail, but Violet begged him, saying she just wanted enough money to bring her family into this country. Peter then proposed a deal; he would not press charges and would actually give her the money she needed if she let him have his way with her.

Perfect Pair of Tits Takes Charge

Featured Video: Power Over Him

Network: TeamSkeet (SisLovesMe)- Porn Ad

Pornstars: Skylar Vox & Peter Green

Summary:  Peter Green has a difficult time controlling his urges when Skylar Vox, his new stepsister, moves in with him. She discovers that she can make Peter do whatever she wants, as long as she keeps him hooked. She uses her massive natural tits to control his every move, before giving him what he desired most. Her perfect naturals give her big tit mind control over him.

Slumber Party Group Sex

Featured Video: Slumber Fuck Fest

Network: TeamSkeet

Summary:  Sexy teen slumber party turns sexual with extreme spin the bottle. Foursome teen fucking session with super sexy teens. Camila Cortez is going to college pretty soon so she’s worried that her and her best friends Braylin Bailey and Nina Diaz won’t have that much time left to hang out, which is why Camila has invited them over for a very special slumber party. Once Nina and Braylin arrive, the three best friends change into their comfy pajamas and decide to call Camila’s shy neighbor Peter Green to make him come over. The girls convince Peter to play ‘spin the bottle’ with them, one thing leads to another and the girls are making unforgettable memories out of Peter’s huge cock!

Private Gym Session Gives Them a Great Stretch

Featured Video: Guest Pass

Network: MYLF

Pornstars: Nadia White & Kira Perez

Summary: Personal trainer uses two babes whilst they workout. The do it on all of the equipment in the gym, and still get a great workout. The moment Kira Perez and Nadia White hear fitness guru Peter Green will be holding a class at their gym, they immediately book a private session. Peter is a prolific coach who gives Kira and Nadia the best workout they’ve ever had. He gives them an extra stretch and burn in key areas whilst they workout in his freeuse gym.