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Thicc Ebony Duo Destroy Big Black Cock

Featured Video: Making Ballsy Moves

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Big black cock cannot resist her huge ebony bubble butt all soaped up in the shower. He can barely hold in his cum as the two thick babes suck and fuck his hard shaft, squirting all over him. Lil D and his girlfriend are watching a movie quietly. He watches Gogo Fukme take a shower when he passes by. He sneaks onto Gogo’s bathroom, where he catches him and gives him a blowjob after making an excuse to leave his girlfriend on the couch. Ebony Mystique is playing with her pussy in another room as Lil D tries to get back to his girlfriend. Ebony encourages D to fuck her and, soon enough, Gogo finds the pair and makes it a hot threesome. Can Lil D really get away with all this without getting caught by his girl?

Panty Sniffer Gets Caught

Featured Video: Her Panties, My Fantasy

Network: Reality Kings (RK Prime)- Porn Ad

Pornstars: Tori Montana & Lil D

Summary: Sneaky black dude gets busted sniffing his hot step sisters panties in her room. After admitting he fantasies about her naked, she takes his big black cock and fulfills his every dream. Lil D, you naughty boy! It was the indiscreet pervert who sniffed on his new-stepsister’s panties in her bedroom. He doesn’t know what to do when Tori Montana catches him red-handed. It seems a good idea for him to admit how much he fantasizes about Tori. Tori thinks Lil D is hot too, so why not caving in to the overwhelming desire? Lil D can have as much fun as he wants with Tori’s eager pussy?

Study Session Is Not What It Seems

Featured Video: Procrastination Pussy

Network: Reality Kings

Pornstars: Michelle Anderson & Lil D

Summary: Ebony teen interrupts his study session with a blowjob under the table, right in front of his dad. They knock him out and continue to fuck in the bedroom. Michelle Anderson, who pokes her head in through a window to surprise Lil D, proves to be a difficult distraction for Lil D when his dad confiscates his phone. She blows Lil D under his desk after taunting Lil D’s dad right behind his back. In an attempt to avoid getting caught, Michelle sticks her leg out from under the desk to trip Lil D’s dad, leading to a mad dash to the bathroom where Michelle and Lil D are able to lock the door and continue fucking undetected. They sneak back out after fucking, but the snoring dad is waiting in the bedroom, only to meet him again hilariously.

Busted Fucking Big Titty Cheater

Featured Video: Let Me Smell Your Dick!

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Busted after titjob and fucking hot big titty MILF from suspicious wife. She joins in and teaches them both a very curvy, sexy lesson. Dani knows Jovan is a cheater. As soon as he gets home from work, she sniffs his dick to see if he has been unfaithful to her. When their neighbor Lila asks to borrow an appliance from Jovan after work on Day 78 of no cheating, Jovan is enjoying his reward. Lila lusts after his cock, so he helps her out, unaware that she has a crush on him. Dani decides that if she cannot beat them, she would rather join them if she can’t beat them.

Squirting Threesome Too Much For His Dick

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Her squirt causes him to call 911, and the hot nurse helps her fuck him. After he cums, the two polar opposite babes fuck each other. Lila Lovely is a smoking hot pregnant lady who loves a crotchless pantyhose. When Jay Romero catches her bent over, his uses hid hard dick to surprise poke her. Lila loves it and it ready to go. She squirts so hard, Jay calls 911. When the paramedics arrive, Katie Kush is on the case. But when she peeps Jay’s hard cock, she can’t help but slip down her scrubs and sneaky fuck him right there in front of the gurney. After Katie’s paramedic partner passes out from clocking the perversion levels, Katie gets down and dirty with both Lila and Jay, for a big wet squirty pregnant threesome.