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Tiny Gamer Sneaks Some Anal Sex

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Jennifer White is Alex Jones’s new foxy stepmom, and he can’t help but notice her perfect ass when she bends over. Seeing him peeking, his dad reminds him whose house he is in. During his absence, Dad asks Jennifer to keep Coco Lovelock out of the house while Alex’s slutty spinner girlfriend is in. The big ol’ chair in a box is Coco’s key to getting into her boyfriend’s place. Alex isn’t that easy to fool and Jennifer catches on instantly. The giant cock in Alex’s bedroom has Coco spread herself open for him in the bedroom. She hides from Alex’s stepmom when she checks on him, but she’s discovered quickly enough to be a pervy anal slut, so Jennifer just joins in.

Naughty Goth Lures Curious MILF

Network: Brazzers (Brazzers Exxtra)- Porn Ad

Summary: Secretly naughty MILF gets a bit too curious and stumbles across a goth BDSM sex room. She is lured into hot lesbian sex and sexy rough threesome. MILF Christie Stevens is determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on behind Vanessa Vegas’ closed doors, despite her new stepdaughter’s husband (Vanessa’s daughter) forbidding her to do so. Christie ignores all warnings and decides to snoop, leading her to a treasure trove of BDSM sex toys. Christie has a blast playing with Vanessa’s private collection until she is caught red-handed. Vanessa takes advantage of the situation and shows her how it’s done, working her pussy and taking a selfie to share with her man, Alex Jones, who joins the fun mid-lick.